Saturday, 11 January 2014

Eight students and two lecturers from Printmaking section took part in the 16th. International Sarcelles Biennale of Print. They were Farah Izziati, Kai Kian, Nur Khadijah Amer, Hamidah Gaffar, Nurul Jannah Zubir, Nur fatehah, Jacob Chung Ah Kow and Chen Jie Ling. The two lecturers were Khizal Saat and Rahman Mohamed.

The 16th. Biennale pay an hommage to the great printmaker from Serbia : Vladimir Velickovic, born August 11, 1935 in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia) is one of the most prominent Serbian painters. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade University. From 1963 to 1966, he was an assistant in Krsto Hegedušić’s Master workshop in Zagreb, and in 1966 he moved to Paris. In 1983 he was elected professor at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, until 2000. In 1985 he was elected as a member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He was honoured with the highest French award in the field of culture and art, Commandeur dans l'ordre des Arts et des Lettres. His paintings were exhibited in many countries in Europe and America since 1951.

Works submitted:

Artist : Nurul Jannah Zubir
Title : Lautan Penyu
Technique: Drypoint
Year : 2012

Artist : Chia Jin Ling
Title : The Bridge
Technique: Etching and Aquatint
Year : 2012

Artist : Hamidah Gaffar
Title : Tepas
Technique: Etching and Aquatint
Year : 2012

Artist : Farah
Title : The Malayan Tiger
Technique: Etching and Aquatint
Year : 2012

Artist : Jacob Chung Ah Kow
Title : The Mc Donaldization of Tradition
Technique: Drypoint
Year : 2012

Artist : Kai Kian
Title : The malay Shadow Puppet
Technique: Etching and Aquatint
Year : 2012

Artist : Nur Khatijah Amir
Title : The Nature
Technique: Etching and Aquatint
Year : 2012

Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Note on Terap Ulang by Teh Weng Jen, an architecture student at Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Room 014
'Terap Ulang' can be directly translated to
'repetitive pressing', name of a foundry just
a walk away from the School of the Arts.
This single storey atelier might seem
inconspicuous to most passer-bys, or even
frequent dwellers, as the wall signage does
not reveal more than its name. But when
most people failed to notice what this place
is, a group of enthusiasts who knew their
ways is here learning to make their worlds;
on prints.

One of these printmaking buffs is Josephine Puah.
Josephine is a student of Graphic Communication, but
extended her Interests In Fine Arts. "I really like
printmaking," she said when asked the reason of being
where she is now. In her final level of mastering Seni
Cetak, Joseph ine beamed with clear pride when she
talked about prints. It is difficult not to be satisfied when
one with passion for printmaking gets to learn in this
well-equipped ; properly maintained workshop. "It has to
be really clean when we print," she started, "So, as you
can see, this studio has been taken better care compared
to others."

Indeed, regarded the best equipped printmaking studio in
the region, Terap Ulang has been a renowned and
communal getaway for artists and students from different
backgrounds to ink. Students gain free, direct access to
the studio with simple conditions - keep it ventilated, keep
clean, keep safe. Windows have to be wide opened before
printing takes place. Aprons and gloves are available to
protect printmakers from noxious chemicals and sharp
tools. "Printmaking takes time, very repetitive and it
demands accuracy," Josephine Introduced some of the
works hanging on the wall. "It's even dangerous because
of the chemicals we Inhale, so maybe It isn't  a very good
idea to linger here." She ended with both of us laughing in
unison .

Some of the printmaking techniques may consume not
just hours, but days, such as stone lithography and
etching. It all depends on the artist's demand. Some of
the other important techniques included intaglio,
drypoint, monoprint, woodcut and serigraphy. Different
techniques and to-be-inked materials yield different
results. It's all up to the printmaker's creativity.
Students of Terap Ulang acquire skills In stages. Seni
Cetak 1 started off with woodcut and linocut; Seni Cetak 2
moves to more challenging techniques such as Intaglio
etching , drypoint and monoprint; Seni Cetak 3 gets to
make tonal prints using lithography, and the famous
serigraphy, better known as silkscreening. Under the
tutelage of Associate Professor A. Rahman bin
Mohamed, students of Seni Cetak 3 are currently going
through the chills and thrills printmaking for their final

One of them is Jacob, who was making measured
drawings for a printing press when I was brought over by
Josephine to the place he work - Room 104. Jacob is a
familiar acquaintance. I met him during my first years of
university in the Jazz Band . As a man of his age, his
courage of learning is certainly applaudable. He is a
learner that does not seem to ever rest on his laurels.
The printing press he was measuring Just now? Turned
out it was designed and built by himself for his final
project. Alongside with the other huge Charles Brand
etching press in the room , this piece of tabletop press -
anonymous yet - did not look a tiny bit inferior. Fabricated
by Jacob himself, this press was made of used metal
components that he could find anywhere. On top of the
press hanged a little mock-up model Jacob carpentered .
Jobs were done after numerous experiments, and it is
now ready to be brought to it's inaugural printing.
"I want to sell It, but my wife won't, .. he explained, "She
said its the only one."

We sipped on instant coffees and talked
about printmaking, film photography and
We even talked about architecture.
I get to know the future whereabouts of
these passionate artists-in-the-making .
And I arrived at a point to realise that Terap
Ulang is not merely a foundry to make
prints, but more than that - It forges the
ember of passion in these fellow

page layout, photography and illustration 
by Teh Weng Jen for the Typography class project

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Studio

 Etching Press

1 Large Motorized Charles Brand Etching Press 36 x 60 inches bed plate
1 Floor Model Charles Brand Press 18 x 36 inches bed plate
3 locally made tabletop etching presses 18 x 36 inches bed plate

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Rintis Shift 2013

RINTIS stand for ‘Research and Innovation Towards Integration and Sustainability’. It is an annual exhibition to showcase the final year student’s best artwork in School of the Arts, USM.
• To introduce School of The Arts and Universiti Sains Malaysia by combining all final year students’ artworks from various art field in School of The Art.
• To promote arts to Universiti Sains Malaysia students, students of Higher Learning Institution, school kids and to the community in and outside of Penang.
• To give exposure to the public regarding the latest designs that could be made and produced by the students of Universiti Sains Malaysia.
• To show the ability of the final year students of Universiti Sains Malaysia is moving forward as the industrial demands.
• To attract the interest and to give chance to the students, and to attract agencies for giving out career opportunities for the students in related field.
• To train the students to communicate with each other in preparing for RINTIS.
• To give opportunities for the final year students of the School of Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia to organize an annual event besides participating in producing the art works to be exhibited in RINTIS.

RINTIS is a platform where fusion of various art and design disciplines such as Communication Graphic, New Media Design & Technology, Product Design, Fine Art, Music and Drama & Theatre will come forth, collaborate and showcase our best artwork

SHIFT symbolically represent our goals to bring the transformation through art, design, media, music and performance with cross-disciplinary approach in championing the needs of creative industry and the sustainability for future generation, especially in this time of rapid convergence of technology and time-based media.

RINTIS SHIFT 2013 will be presented to you in the natural environment of leading learning institutions in Malaysia, where we dig our knowledge, develop our skills and earn our undergraduate degrees

In conjunction with Rintis, Studio Terap Ulang will hold an Open Studio from Monday May 20th. until Wednesday May 22nd.

All are invited to visit our studio and attend our printmaking demonstrations.

Our guests from Thaksin University, Thailand will demonstrate on the process of aluminium plate lithography .

Some of the photos taken at the workshop/ demonstration

DAY ONE, Monday 20th., May

 Encik Mat Desa making his marks on the aluminium plate
 Guests from Thaksin University, Thailand doing demonstration on the usage of various greasy materials for drawing and painting on the plate.

DAY TWO, Tuesday 21st., May

 Saiful Kadir of Terap Ulang at the press,
All the participants enjoyed the workshop and demonstrations very much!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Universiti Sains Malaysia - Thaksin University Printmaking Workshop and Exhibition

Elizabeth Briel

 Elizabeth Briel, an American artist/ writer spent three months in the year 2011 at Studio Terap Ulang as a resident artist. Above Picture : Elizabeth making paper in Thailand.

Cyanotype Workshop With Elizabeth Briel

Cyanotype is her medium of choice. During her residency at Terap Ulang, Elizabeth conducted several workshops and demonstrations on cyanotype to students at the School of The Arts, USM as well as to the communities off campus.

 Workshop in conjunction with the2 nd.  International Performing and Creative Industries [ PACIA ] Seminar

 Participant developing the print

 Elizabeth installing her in-progress exhibition at Galeri 26, USM.
 Working on her large negative transparency for her final art piece